Watch this space - for more videos of tricks our 6 dogs have learnt (shut the door, fetch leads, pick up, spin, roll over, weave between legs, figure of 8 between legs, rewind round legs, jump into arms, emergency down at great distance, ......... and lots more). All learnt with positive, force-free - in other words, scientific - methods.


Why train tricks?  Again, dogs (like us) need both physical and mental exercise.  Any positive, force-free, science-based learning your dog experiences with you can only serve to strengthen your bond. Tricks can be used to focus your dog in an environment that is full of distractions.


I believe that a walk on-lead doesn't mean heelwork.  My dogs often walk ahead of me (but the second I stop, they stop with no tension on the lead ..... because they are attentive to me and I am attentive to them) and walk through doors and gates either ahead of me or with me (they don't walk through before being cued to do so for safety reasons) - that is FINE!  I am not a "pack leader" and nor do I feel the need to be. 


If you attend a class and you are told to use a rattle bottle, choke chain, electric shock collar or other aversives ..... WALK AWAY! (For more on the science behind this statement, go to the Free Resources and follow the link "How to use a Rattle bottle in training") The times when we needed to use scare tactics to "train" dogs is back in the dark ages.

Mon Copain mon Chien - The trainer your dog would choose.