"I have had the immense pleasure of training my dogs with Elaine. She has given me insightful tips for training and helped me greatly to better understand my dogs. Elaine was kind and patient and showed me a unique and effective way of training using calm methods. She is there for support whenever I need it and gives advice that sticks."

Tierney Hill,
Winner of Crufts YKC Heelwork to Music, 2014



"We arranged to talk to you about Amos (14-month Catalan Sheepdog) as we had been having increasing problems with both feeding and aggression towards our other dog. We had been following the advice of another behaviourist but felt that the actions we were taking were actually making the situation worse - it had got the the stage where Amos would hardly eat and become possessive of his food if we approached him.

Your approach and advice was quite different to what we had been told previously and focused on what Amos was trying to "tell us" and how we should "listen" to him by reading his body language. When we looked at it from his perspective we realised that he was quite stressed as we perhaps had unrealistic expectations of him.

The change in Amos was immediate and we now have a much calmer, happier household. Amos quite happily eats all his meals and has become more affectionate towards us as he isn't feeling stressed.

The beauty of your approach is that it centres around the positive behaviours and listening to our dogs there is no force or fear, this way of working with our dogs as we have seen has huge benefits.

Thank you for your support from all of us :0)"

Cheers. Kate


I love training with Elaine as her positive, force free methods are brilliant at ensuring that my best friend enjoys it all as much as I do.

Elaine was able to sort out an issue Paxo had with the see-saw in just a few sessions, even though she had refused to go near it for months before! Also her help and advice with how to re-train the weaves were invaluable and meant we actually finally conquered this element!!

We have now been able to take part in Valor agility at Elaine's approved venue. This was great as it was so relaxed and ideal for someone who really doesn't like the stress of agility competitions. The runs were completed in a fun way in an environment where Paxo felt totally at home and therefore did really well.


Can't wait to visit again 😊 Lara


We came for our fourth year running in April with our 2 dogs Kai and Tammi. Elaine has helped us enormously over the years both in France and by giving us follow up advice when we are back home. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she always comes up with new ideas and strategies that we hadn't thought of.
This year she helped us with Kai's reactivity towards other dogs with some Behaviour Adjustment Training. This was very successful and by the end of the week we were able to walk alongside other dogs without Kai barking at them. We also did some agility training with Kai and for the first time he stopped trying to bite my hand whilst going around the course, he went even better for daddy as well!
Tammi our other dog has a kidney problem which has led to some eating problems, basically she had given up eating and we were really worried about her. Elaine came up with some great ideas to get her eating again and she is now gaining weight and enjoying her food again!
There is so much else we could say about how Elaine has revolutionised our relationship with our dogs and supported us through many difficult times, the list is endless. She understands dogs and is able to teach owners how to build better relationships with them using only gentle methods and lots of rewards.

Julie and Mark



"Training with Elaine is a sheer delight and that is why I keep going back to her. She is kind and understanding with both dogs and humans and speaks a lot of common sense. You come away feeling totally encouraged to try to put what you have just learnt into practice. After just a few sessions the improvements in our dog’s awareness, attentiveness, behaviour and capabilities were remarkable."




"If you want a trainer who cares passionately about the welfare of your dog as if they were one of her own then Elaine is the trainer for you. Force Free, experienced in helping reactive dogs and great at agility too! Every dog is treated as an individual and solutions identified to suit their needs."



"Elaine's force free method of dog training is as I have always thought it should be, but didn't have either the know how or the experience to put it into practice.

Our two dogs had no idea they were being trained, (nor did we) all they know is they love their "Aunty Elaine" and the fun starts as soon as they hear her voice, even over the internet they perk up and take notice.
No force, no rough handling or or domineering, just patience, kindness and the ability to hold their attention without them becoming bored or intimidated.

We have seen such a difference in both dogs, but especially our two-year-old, blind BC who stubbornly resisted wearing his eye protection until Elaine's patience and experience won the day. Meg our rescued BC cross had eating problems that we found very difficult and worrying. Within a few days Elaine had turned the stress of meal time into fun and the problem was over, both dog and owners re-programmed. 3 months on, and she is still eating normally!

We now know that over 50% of a dog training programme is to train us owners to understand how a dog thinks and to recognise what the dog is trying to tell us. Elaine's calm and professional and fun approach instills confidence in both dog and owner and we look forward to our next sessions in August"

Andy and Pat


We came to Elaine with our young cairn terrier Murphy. Being a typical headstrong terrier, Murphy had a tendency to zig zag on his lead as well as bark incessantly at cattle. Elaine spent time getting to know Murphy and he immediately responded to her effective approach.
She has a wonderful gift of reading dogs behaviour and body language.Through Elaine we learned how to communicate more effectively with Murphy and understand what he wants and needs from us and vice versa. She also spent time teaching us how to do agility work with Murphy which he absolutely loved. I would highly recommend Elaine to all !

Pam and Scott

We spent two weeks with Elaine a couple of years ago with our rescue dog - we had had him for 5 months and he was nearly 6 years old with very little (if any) basic training. 

The time we spent with Elaine was a real eye opener in terms of understanding dog behaviour and body language. It became clear that what we actually needed to work on, before we could make any progress, was our relationship and bond with him and Elaine worked with us to improve his focus on us.

Two years on our hyperactive whirlwind is a much more chilled individual at home and we are more chilled with him and accept that some of his training may always be a work in progress.

Elaine's force-free approach was like a breath of fresh air and has given our dog so much more confidence in us.


Mon Copain mon Chien - The trainer your dog would choose.