Cours en petits groupes :

15€ le cours (1 h) avec engagement sur 6 cours renouvelables 

Le samedi, le dimanche matin et le lundi (y compris cours le soir)

Au centre Mon Copain Mon Chien - commune de Nivillac 

Terrains clôturés.

Cours Individuels :

45€ par séance (90 mins)

One-to-one Consultations (once booked)
Initial, pre-booked consultation of up to 90 mins (at our venue, or Phone/Skype) 45€

Subsequent lessons at our venue - 45€  (set of 5 lessons pre-booked at a 10% discount


Home Visits - or at your own training venue

My usual tarifs for consultations/group lessons - minimum of 6 dogs (see above) + 50c/km


Residential Courses
Dog-friendly accommodation on-site (see links page for availability and prices).  Lessons booked separately and arranged in the morning, practice equipment available (agility).
Or, if you would prefer to camp in the area, we will provide details of 2 local campsites (just 10 minutes drive).

Fully insured, including public liability.

Mon Copain mon Chien - The trainer your dog would choose.