• Dogs not only need physical exercise, but mental exercise.  Agility is the perfect mix.
  • Any training you do with your dog enhances the bond between you. Many people attend puppy classes and then tick the box.  Be it agility, advanced obediance (I hate that term!), tricks, dance, flyball, scent work, search and rescue or a game of hide and seek in the woods, your dog needs to continue to use her brain!
  • Do I need to be able to sprint? NO!!! If you have watched the videos of me ..... lol ! Many disabled and older people compete in agility. If you can sprint, you train your dog accordingly ........ the rest of us train our dogs to understand verbal and non-verbal cues at a distance. Basically, Haïyla knows the name of all of the obstacles or changes of direction, so I can cue her from behind and she will search out the right one!
  • I offer pre-agility classes, where we work on your dog's attention span, understanding of your physical cues (following your guiding hand, matching your speed, rear-cross, 2-on-2-off (contacts), shaping and rear-end awareness (pre-requisit to weaving), etc. without obstacles and introduce the tunnel, soft tunnel, table, jumping grids, start-line etc.   Depending upon the age of the dog.
  • it is about you and your dog and your partnership, about what you can achieve together when not under stress, about having fun with a goal that is always positive. The only thing we will not allow is for your dog to get tired, stressed or disheartened. I have witnessed so many people in competitions shouting (and worse) at their poor dogs, that have either done exactly what their handler asked (but thought they had asked something different) or were so stressed-out by the environment that they no longer could think straight.

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