EntertRain with Elaine This Winter - from the comfort of your own home !

🎉🎉 Here it is, by popular demand, my very-affordable, on-line How To on calmness around doors - including doorbell, car doors, crates and cueing your dog to charge joyfully to her bed and settle there until released. I will also cover how to teach your dog to close doors on cue! 

PLUS a couple of exciting bonuses (time sensitive, so don’t delay!!) 


I am very proud to be the first Full Overseas Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers in France.  Accreditation is only given following extensive study and rigorous assessment. I am also an accredited Assistance Dog Trainer for SuperDogs (see below) and a Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild. You can be sure that the training methods used by an IMDT trainer have an emphasis on proven, ethical (force-free) and science-based teaching methods. The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers is one of the UK’s leading bodies and independent Course providers for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists.


Here you will find links to great videos by my colleagues - world-renowned, force-free trainers and some free resources to help you understand the very best way to build your relationship with your best friend.  You will never be asked to use punitive methods with your dog - no rattle bottles, no choke chains, no pinch collars ....... what you WILL find is how to understand your dog's body langage, how to help your dog learn through kind, science-based methods, how to assess your progress and help your dog succeed.  My positive, fun methods apply equally to my two-legged and four-legged clients!!


I believe that a walk on-lead doesn't mean heelwork (that is for obedience competitions).  My dogs often walk ahead of me (but the second I stop, they stop - no tension on the lead - why? Because I am tuned into them and they are tuned into me.  Think about walking with a loved one ..... would you yell at them and yank their clothing if they were not walking to heel ? Would you keep walking if they stopped to admire the view????). They walk through doors and gates either ahead of me or with me (they don't walk through before being cued to do so for safety reasons) - that is FINE!  I am not a "pack leader" and nor do I feel the need to be. 

When off-lead my dogs will drop into a down at a word from me at whatever distance (only difference is how loud I have to say "lay down!" ) ..... even if a deer, squirrel, hare etc. has appeared and is running and my dogs have begun chasing.  If I ask them to come back to me (a generic "Puppies!" or individual names) they turn on a sixpence and charge back. Why? Because they trust me and they know that sometimes they get treats (but they always get praise - you will learn why that works and how to apply it in your lessons).


If you attend a class and the "trainer" uses a rattle bottle, choke chain, electric shock collar or other aversives (no matter what qualifications they claim to have in dog pyscology or other)  ..... WALK AWAY! "The times when we needed to scare our dogs to "train" them belongs in the dark ages" Steve Mann IMDT Founder. Think back to the last teacher that bullied you ...... what did you learn and how did you feel about that subject? In France there are many trainers that have their "Certificat de Capacité" - that does not mean they use scientific, force-free methods.  IMDT and PPG members DO and have been assessed and are re-assessed to check they have continued to keep up-to-date.


I am very proud to say that when she sees a plastic bottle Haïyla now gets very excited, as it is now a toy to her. She loves to run around and crunch it.  I can even slap the bottle on my hand or leg several times and she is just "Give me the bottle!!!".  But it took a huge amount of counter-conditioning. Having gone to a trainer that used a rattle bottle, she even ran away from me if I shook a sock to turn it inside-out, ran away from me everytime I took a plastic bottle of water to drink myself or fill her water bowl. Been there, done that ..... never going back.



One-to-ones available - either on-site, at your home (travel expenses will be added) or consultations via Skype. I also offer residential courses, finding you accommodation locally.



I am very proud to be among a small group of trainers accredited as an Assistance Dog Trainer with The School of Canine Science - Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown, of the Channel 4 series "Rescue Dog To Super Dog".




Mon Copain mon Chien - The trainer your dog would choose.