Success Station - our new rescue collie, Cass, had a thing about chasing the sit and ride lawn mower.  This video gives an insight into how I went about changing that behaviour.

Here are some great videos by my IMDT Assessor, Nando Brown , discussing why the old myths and techniques banded about by certain (unfortunately still very much "in business" in France and other countries) "trainers" should NOT be used :


How to Use a Rattle Bottle in Training (the FORCE-FREE way!) (with assistance from my other IMDT Assessor and founder of the IMDT, Steve Mann)


"The Alpha Roll"



Are Prong Collars Dangerous? - with Grisha Stewart of BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) - I have attended 2 seminars with Grisha and have used her BAT methods with great results.


Mon Copain mon Chien - The trainer your dog would choose.